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Stakeholder Engagement Analysis


To efficiently satisfy the needs of the Company’s stakeholders, the Company held a meeting to analyze the expectations and needs of each group of stakeholders. To review the Company’s existing vision, mission and values are appropriate and can drive the Company to achieve its target goal.


 Responsibility to Clients and Investors

"Trinity" emphasizes to investment to customers and general investors have quick access to information. The company has disclosed the investment information through the analysis. Have training Investment Seminar Selection and development of investment advisors and supervise the work of the staff to have the knowledge.


Execution and Report Preparation

     Trinity has set up a working group to study and prepare a CSR report. The scope of the content reflects the company's key economic, social and environmental performance over the fiscal year and cover the operation of the company and affiliates.


Corporate Social Responsibility


The Company has utilized the knowledge, capabilities, and strengths of the Company’s personnel to share the knowledge and experience on financial products, investment opportunities.The Company’s speakers devote themselves to serve the social by giving the financial and investment literacy to the public .