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Securities and Derivatives

Trinity Securities Co., Ltd. (“Trinity”) provides advice and recommendations for investment in listed companies, including Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) and Securities Brokerage services which are supported by an efficient trading system and a team of highly experienced experts and analysts who render the services with strict conformity to the company’s business code of conduct. Trinity also provides an Internet Trading service through a variety of programs for investors desiring to trade securities by themselves. Such programs include Streaming (for checking stocks’ prices), Streaming Pro (for checking stocks’ and derivatives’ prices) and "Trinity@home" which has been particularly developed for investors perferring to trade stocks and derivatives via the internet. The "Trinity@home" programe was specifically designed to have the same user interface as that of the borkerage office to ensure that the investors will have the same look and feel as they view information on screen on screen in the securities trading room and  that they will see all necessary information at once without needing to make a call for further information.



For more information on Securities and Derivatives service, please contact:

- Business Development Department (for Stocks-Derivatives Trading) at Tel. no. 02-088-9350-8

- Electronic Business Department (for Stock Trading via the Internet) at Tel. no. 02-088-9125-27