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 Wealth Management

Trinity’s wealth management service is a one-stop advisory service provided to meet diverse investment needs of investors. This service covers both wealthy portfolio and mutual funds of various leading asset management companies which Trinity is a selling agent for their units trust.

Trinity’s wealthy portfolio management service is provided by a professional team having expertise, knowledge and long experience in various investment alternatives i.e. financial instruments, equity shares and other assets e.g. gold. The team will assist the investors in selecting and mixing right alternatives for their investments by taking into account the market’s condition in order to generate returns on a regular basis to the investors. Presently, the total value of assets under Trinity’s management is over Baht 2,000 million



Given a highly volatile global market at present and a wide variety of investment alternatives, it is not easy for investors to have an optimal self-management of their own investments. As a result, the wealthy portfolio management service by a professional team which can make investment in accordance with each investor’s preference and at the risk level accepted by the investor has become an interesting choice for investors desiring to have regular returns on investment but having no time to keep track of their own investments.

Investment Unit Selling Agent Business

In addition to the wealthy portfolio management service, Trinity acts as a selling agent of investment units for 9 asset management companies, namely Asia Plus Fund Management, CIMB-Principal Asset Management, Kasikorn Asset Management, TMB Asset Management, Krungsri Asset Management, Krung Thai Asset Management, TISCO Asset Management, One Asset Management. and UOB Asset Management. This business is regarded as a supplementary service provided for Trinity’s clients. As a selling agent, Trinity can diversify its services, better assist its clients in managing their investments and spread risks more effectively. Additionally, this business serves as another channel for Trinity’s clients to make investments in any assets more conveniently.